An Awkward Moment in Church

I had an awkward moment in church today.

I had an encounter with myself. I wasn't expecting it, but right there in the middle of the service a private conversation started in my mind. More of a confrontation really.

The band started playing a song that I apparently didn't care for. The melody was hard to find. The rhythm was complicated. The style was not my preference. That's when the conversation started.

"I don't like this song. It is not very melodic and too busy. I can't worship with this stuff. I wish they'd sing something I know."

That's when a shudder rolled down my spine. "Oh no, I'm thinking like an old cranky man!"

During my years in ministry I had to deal with this issue all the time. Wonderful people who I appreciated could suddenly become very ugly over the issue of music styles. Now I'm one of them! No! 

The conversation in my mind continued. "Great, now I'm an old grump. I need to be mature about this. But I don't like this, it's distracting me from my focus of worship."

Then this thought turned my attention to a different attitude:
"You might not be able use this song to worship, but there are others here that are finding this helpful to their worship. Stop struggling, you can do something else during this time. You can pray for those that are broken hearted, for those who are exploring faith for the first time, for the pastoral staff, and even other people that are feeling grumpy. That is your act of worship right now."

I don't remember the song now. But I can say I had a great time at church today.