The Secret Word That Helps You Get Things Done

"NOW"  Simple word, significant meaning.  The implication is immediate, present-tense, and active.  "Now" is not in the past, nor a part of the future.  It is current.

The use of "now" is an empowering tool.  All too often we are consumed with the word "when".  "When" is past and future.  We live with a "back when" memory bank and an "if when" mentality.  These affect our thinking and performance.  "When" keeps us locked in the past reasons for our curent conditions or longing for better conditions in the future; ones that will supposedly provide a measure of greater success.  But "when" has never made a dramatic difference in our lives.  "Now" has and does.

It is the "now" that stimulates action, moves thoughts to plans and plans to motion.  It is the moment that gives meaning to our "when".

Your personal success is always achieved in the decision to act now!

Put this into action!  Take these three action steps:

  • Decide what you need to do that will build meaning and positive results. 
  • Do it now; don't wait until whenever!
  • Keep doing it.  Then your now will be more attractive than your when.

Let me know about your results.