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October 2013

7 Fascinating Blogs for Innovative Thinking

If you’re looking for something to disrupt the routine patterns in your head and to ignite some fresh thinking of your very own, check out these great blogs.  Each one has the potential of unlocking a great idea in your mind and creating a new opportunity for you to pursue.

Innovation Excellence

Creativity Central

The Idea Sandbox

Seth Godin’s Blog


Stephen Shapiro


Hey, while you're exploring blogs and websites about innovation - don't isolate yourself from the creative power of live discussions and shared thinking!  Come check out my new seminar: "Think Inside the Box."  I'll be on tour October 7th - 11th (Boston, Farmington, Parsippany, Melville, and NYC).  Also touring the Midwest in November.  For more details on the seminar, check out the video  or send me an email for dates and locations - [email protected]