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What Carlos Santana Can Teach Us About Servant Leadership and Collaboration

Collaboration is the art of working together to create something.  Leaders help the process when they view themselves as servant leaders.  They hinder the process when they see themselves as the ones to be served.

Carlos Santana, in the Forbes interview “Carlos Santana on Creativity in Business and Art” written by Kenneth Hein, reveals some great insights on how true collaboration is the result of self-less contribution.  Look at what Carlos said:

“Collaboration, partnership, friendship and marriage all take trust and willingness to allow willingness. When I collaborate on a song or on stage, I am here to complement, not compete.

A true collaboration only works when you complement what the other person is saying and inspire one another to go further.”

We’ve all known leaders who go through the motions of collaboration but push their own agendas.  In that case, people are less engaged and the best of their talents never make it to the table.

When a leader approaches the creation of ideas with an attitude of helping others develop their best contribution - the results will be inspiring and rewarding for everyone involved. The best way to advance remarkable performance in your organization is to use your talents to enhance your employees potential.

ASK YOURSELF - “Am I here to complement or to compete?”  

How would your employees view your interaction with them? 

Inspire your people to go further.  Complement them today!

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And here is a great interview with Santana that might spark some ideas for your creative process:



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