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The Secret To Economic Growth - Make A Bigger Pie

Cavett3a_2 Take just a moment and read the following insights written by a wonderful man by the name of Cavett Robert.  This was a note sent years ago to a client of mine.  It has a very special meaning to me today; and its message is still very relevant. 

Cavett titled this: Learning, A Journey, Not A Destination

I keep a cartoon on my office wall showing an ole half-wit farmer standing in the middle of his field with a rope in his hand.  As he scratches his head, looking like a tree full of owls, he can’t remember whether he has lost a cow or found a rope.

Unless we are constantly studying and learning in order to keep pace with changing times we shall soon be like that farmer.  We shall be wondering whether we have lost our economical directional compass or whether we have found ourselves in a new world of circumstances we do not understand.

Success is a journey – not a destination.  When we cease to grow we begin to die.  We cannot train ourselves, put it in a bottle and put it on a shelf.  What was right and plausible yesterday is questionable today and might even be wrong tomorrow.  We cannot operate today with yesterday’s methods and even be in business tomorrow.

-         Cavett

At the end of the note, he had written a personal greeting that said: "Hope all is great with you.”

That truly was the spirit and attitude of this great man.  The article was a true expression of his personal mission and authenticity.  He found simple ways to convey necessary truth, and challenged everyone to take responsibility to improve their lives.  And the personal note at the end revealed his most cherished desire, that things would be “great” for everyone he knew.

What makes this so special for me today?  Cavett Robert was one of the founding members of the National Speakers Association, and NSA has designated November 14, 2007 as the “Spirit of NSA Day.” (Click to see NSA President Marc LeBlanc announcement.)

Spirit of NSA day serves as a reminder to NSA members, encouraging them to:

·        Focus on giving back;

·        Provide genuine support to speaking colleagues; and

·        Take time to connect, help, mentor or refer business to other members without any expectation of reciprocation.

One of Cavett’s favorite ideas was to “make the pie bigger.”  He believed that instead of competing for business, i.e. fighting over a few small pieces of a pie, we should work together to make a bigger pie that would benefit more customers and increase business opportunities for all the members.  Instead of fighting for market share, we should share the market.  It all began with a handful of speakers in 1972. Today, more than 4,000 members of the NSA are experiencing the results of that business model.

Cavett Robert would be 100 years old today.  And I’m positive that if he could offer you a personal note of encouragement, he’d write:

Hope all is great with you!


Candy Whirley

Enjoyed the Cavett article....I so wish I could have met him. I hear nothing but wonderful things about him from folks who did get to visit with him.

I truly believe the NSA-Heartland Chapter lives the spirit of Cavett! Our wonderful members are constantly referring one another for gigs they may not be able to fit into their schedules or better yet they give someone in the chapter a referral because they are simply BETTER suited! That's the spirit of Cavett!

Kevin Iwersen

Cavett's advice is so incredibly true, particularly in the technology industry. Many of my colleagues and friends are faced with the growing reality of the changing marketplace as a result of globalization and off-shoring. Many are like that farmer...finding themselves "in a new world of circumstances we do not understand."

Yet, we in this industry must not fret because all can be well if we adhere to Cavett's advice to commit to "constantly study and learn in order to keep pace with changing times." There is a bigger pie...perhaps, in many cases, a "new pie" to be had if we continue to focus on new opportunities and adapt to the changing environment.

Thanks for the is an exciting journey!

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